If you have ideas about how to make Floyd County a hunger-free zone for kids or wish to volunteer, we would love your help!

Can you?

  • Volunteer to pack backpacks at one of our 10 elementary schools? Click here for the Packing Schedule and Coordinator List.
  • Connect us to a business, church or individual who would be interested in contributing to our food costs, either by donating a fixed amount, sponsoring a particular number of kids or even sponsoring a whole school?
  • Organize a fundraiser for Blessings, either individually or as a sponsor of a team, club or other organization?
  • Suggest a community event that Blessings could attend with an information booth to share about our mission and funding needs?
  • Join our steering team? We are a group of community members who volunteer our time to raise the money necessary to pay for the Blessings food.  Our job is to coordinate the funding plan for the year and to develop a sustainable funding plan for the future.  If you can help us with this endeavor, we would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to attend our Floyd County Chapter steering team meeting on the third Tuesday of every  month at 6:00pm. at the New Albany YMCA, 3rd Floor, Lifespan Boardroom.

Please contact us at floydcountyblessings@gmail.com for more information or to volunteer!